uPVC Door & Window Locks

uPVC Door & Window Lock Repair

Repairing or replacing uPVC door or window locks is a specialisation but we have all the experience and tools necessary. And we carry 90% of the most popular uPVC locks in our van to get the job done there and then.

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uPVC/Patio Door Lock Cylinder Replacement


There have actually been a variety of reports recently about a weak point in the locks on UPVC doors. In some locations of the UK, Police are reporting that this weak point is plainly being made use of by burglars. The Lock Wizard can help. We recommend a free inspection of your present uPVC Door lock and if required we can install new replacement lock.

Sticking uPVC Windows and Broken Stays

If your UPVC windows are no longer opening, or closing properly and securely we can adjust and replace the sliders and stays on most UPVC windows to bring the operation back to the original condition by replacing handles, locks and stays as required, A cheaper option than replacing a window.

uPVC Door Multi-Point Locking Systems

This is a growing issue throughout the UK. No unique tools are required and a burglar can break these Euro Profile Cylinders immediately and although we understand the techniques utilized, we will not divulge them in any information, as a safety measure versus “copy-cat” robberies.

Safe and secure or elaborate the multi-point locking system is, it is the cylinder that is the susceptible location. If the cylinder is broken, the multi-point lock can be quickly opened in no time at all.

All significant Lock Manufacturers are striving to discover options to rectify these issue.

Secure uPVC Door Options

Many brand-new cylinders are not guaranteed versus all approaches of attack on uPVC doors, they act as a deterrent by making it much tougher for intruders to acquire access.

To prevent ending up being a victim of this kind of break-in, have an expert from The Lock Wizard inspect all door cylinders and, if required, upgrade to a more secure option.

Constantly deadlock doors whenever a home is empty, and fit a door chain to the primary door to utilize when you are at house.

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